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Dates of celebration: 02/04 - 09/04


Cangas - Pontevedra

42º 15' 51.9" N - 8º 47' 06.9" W


The most solemn manifestation of piety around the Passion of Christ that takes place in the province of Pontevedra are the processions of Holy Week in Cangas, which have floats of great historical-artistic value and elaborate images, such as that of the Nazarene of the procession of the Holy Encounter or the ceremony of the Descent from the Cross, providing emotional realism to the acts.

The religious celebrations begin on the Friday of Sorrows, with the festivity of Our Most Holy Lady of Sorrows (local festival). The Maundy Thursday procession is extremely striking, featuring the Paso de La Mesa, which depicts the Last Supper, with natural products, the Prayer in the Olive Garden and the Flagellation, a beautiful artistic ensemble, followed by, under a canopy, the Virgin of Sorrows, which puts an end to the procession.

On Good Friday, the Denial of St.Peter procession leaves in the morning, notable for the influx of new people, who carry the image of Saint Peter around the J. Félix Soage Villarino Gardens, and celebrate at the end by drinking hot chocolate. At noon, the town centre fills with people who come to see the procession of the Holy Encounter. As the historical passage of the ascent to Mount Calvary is portrayed, the images of the protagonists appear: John the Apostle, Saint Veronica, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas, Salome, and Our Lady of Sorrows. The Nazarene, accompanied by Cyrenean and Roman soldiers, falls three times thanks to a jointed system.

Bagpipe music and drum rolls accompany the slow pace of the costaleros (float bearers), the penitents and the guilds, completed with their traditional banners, tunics and hoods, in processions with Roman centurions abound, perfectly dressed. The processions (up to four take place on Good Friday) exude solemnity and deep reflection, and are watched with restrained emotion by the large crowds in the streets.

Not to be missed:

 The Holy Encounter Procession, with the passage of the Falls of the Nazarene, with the figure of a jointed Jesus.

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