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15001  A Coruña - A Coruña

43º 21' 59.9" N - 8º 22' 59.9" W

The Ways of St. James

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Una vez en tierra: The A Mariña galleries offer visitors their glass façades; the legacy of the seafront carpenters who worked on the Dock.
The Tower of Hercules, the symbol of the city and the world’s oldest working lighthouse, receives the sailor. The inside is a museum that can be visited step by step, from the ancient foundations to the terrace. The monument is currently accompanied by the Aquarium Finisterrae, which specialises in sea ecosystems on the Galician coast, and near the Domus, which, with the Casa de las Ciencias, complete the interactive museum offer.
The sea surrounds the history of this city made peninsula by Orzán beach. The city map is full of squares and gardens, such as María Pita and San Carlos garden. As capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Galicia, it played host to major maritime expeditions: military, such as the Spanish Armada, or scientific, such as that of Alexander Von Humbolt. It also knows how to receive those who come round the jetty and seek shelter in the waters of San Antón Castle, which is now an Archaeological museum. Or those who sail into the major commercial port, which still maintains the largest fresh fish auction at the O Muro fish market
Night Approximation: Proceed in the same way, taking into account the buoy markers:
The famous Tower of Hercules lighthouse (Gp Fl(4)W 20s 106m 23M), the oldest active lighthouse in the world, serves as a reference when approaching from the W or from the N. Near the entrance to the A Coruña estuary, sail based on either of the leading lines: leading line 182º (E channel or Seixo Branco) Iso WRG 2s -anterior- and OcR 4s –posterior-; leading line 108º (W channel or Herminio) OcWR 4s –anterior- and Fl W 4s –posterior-. Follow the leading lines until you see the light on the Barrié de la Maza Jetty (Fl G 3s 18m 6M). Once the latter is off the beam, head to starboard based on the light from San Antón Castle (Gp Fl(2)G 7s 17m 6M), which you will see off the port bow, and aim the prow towards the lighted wharfs (not marked with buoys) at Nauta Coruña.
Day aproximación: The W channel, Herminio, lies between Basuril reef and Herminio Point. The one to the E, Seixo Branco, lies between the Yacente shoals and Mera and Seixo Branco points.
The first of the channels, the safest with heavy seas, is marked with the lighted Punta de Mera leading lines (TC: 108.3º); the second, which is the most dangerous during storms from the third and fourth quadrants, is on the Punta Fiaiteira leading lines (TC: 182º).
Once you have passed Basuril reef and the Yacente shoals, following either of the two channels, you will then be inside the estuary, sailing along the Fiaiteira Point leading line. One mile to true S of the Tower of Hercules - Punta de Mera opposition line, you will see the marked end of the Barrié de la Maza jetty off the starboard bow. Sail until you see the see both the R.C.N. de A Coruña and Nauta Coruña facilities off the prow. The Nauta Coruña facilities are the two wharfs nearest the Barrié de la Maza jetty.


Number of temporary moorings: 20.00
Maximum recommended length (m): 14.00
Crane (tons): 3.00
Number of permanent moorings: 132.00
Depth at inner harbour (m): 5.00
Depth at harbour mouth (m): 7.00

Navigation charts

SHOM: 6665
I.H.M.: 412A,412,4126,929
Admiralty: 1111,1114

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