The municipalities of Allariz and Vilar de Santos are part of the "Área de Allariz" Biosphere Reserve, which they share with the territories of A Bola and Rairiz de Veiga. Through the variant of Verín in its way to Santiago, the “Via de la Plata” Way of St James (Silver Way), also passes through Allariz.

The Mountain Bike (MTB) area is delimited on two sides by two important rivers: the Arnoia in Allariz and the Limia to the south of Vilar de Santos. The area includes several towns, interspersed with rivers, streams, bridges and stepping stones. Here, you will find high-quality archaeological and ethnographic features that allude to an extraordinary cultural wealth that stretches back to Middle Age forts.

The MTB Centre, with 118 kilometres of sign-posted trails, offers seven routes divided into two groups. The groups are connected to each other by just over two kilometres of track, allowing a variety of itineraries and long days spent biking to be planned. There are routes that are suitable for everyone, including those that are more challenging because of their length and gradient. Some routes are not as demanding and even allow for more than one route to be done in the same day.

The centre provides you with the opportunity to discover the perfectly restored city of Allariz, its good restaurants, charming hotels and wide range of outlet stores. Its Ethnographic Park and numerous museums are also worth visiting, along with the annual International Garden Festival. The riverside walk along the river Arnoia is also recommended, which leads to the medieval bridge.

Vilar de Santos has a landscape that is uniquely different from the rest of Galicia. It has extensive cultivated fields in a flat area known as chaira, partial floodplain and is surrounded by mountains.  This is all that remains of the nearly completely dried up Antela Lagoon.

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