Everything you could possibly desire: lagoons, crystal-clear rivers, majestic waterfalls hidden deep inside virgin forest, and oceans teeming with life. Have we been talking about Paradise?

Atlantic Islands National Park

You can find the best beach in the world. And it's not because we say so ourselves, but The Guardian newspaper.

Natura 2000 (SCI)

To ensure the preservation of different areas due to their natural, cultural, scientific, educational or landscape interest, these areas can be classified as Special Protection Area of Natural Values (ZEPVN). 

Natural Parks

At present Galicia has six areas classified as natural parks: Fragas do Eume, Corrubedo dune complex and the Carregal and Vixán lagoons, in the province of A Coruña ; O Invernadeiro, Serra da Enciña da Lastra Nature Reserve and Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park in the province of Ourense; and Monte Aloia, in Pontevedra.

Protected Landscape

Since the appearance of this site status there are two landscapes that, in addition to the mentioned values, present a harmonious relationship between human beings and the natural environment: Os Penedos de Pasarela e Traba and Val do río Navea.

Natural Monuments

8 natural monuments located in Galicia: Praia das Catedrais, Carballa da Rocha, Costa de Dexo, Fraga de Catasós, Pena Corneira, Souto da Retorta, Souto de Rozavales and Plegamiento geolóxico de Campodola-Leixazós.

Wetlands (RAMSAR)

Galicia has acknowledged a total of five areas: the Complexo intermareal Umia - O Grove; A Lanzada, Punta Carreirón e Bodeira lagoon; Ortigueira and Ladrido estuaries; its beach complex, the Corrubedo lagoon and dunes; the Valdoviño lagoon and dunes; the Eo River estuary.

Biosphere Reserves

Galicia enjoys a total of six areas acknowledged by UNESCO's program Man and Biosphere (MAB) which promotes sustainable development based on the improvement of the relationship between man and the environment. 

Other natural areas

Galicia amasses an extensive and varied wealth of landscapes due, among other reasons, to the climate differences, the biogeographic contrasts, the differences in population and the relationship between its inhabitants and the environment.

Natural site of tourist interest

Series of areas that treasure unique features and prove to be of great interest for visitors.

Protected Birdlife Reserve (ZEPA)

The ZEPA birdlife reserves are distributed both along the coast and in mountain areas. These spaces, together with several other birding areas all over our territory, are meeting points for birdwatchers.

National Park – that of the Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia; five Biosphere Reserves, six National Parks Parks so varied in nature that they range from the one in Complexo Dunar de Corrubedo e Lagoas de Carregal e Vixán – a wetland near the sea – to the mountains of O Invernadeiro, 1,500 metres above sea level; over 50 spaces belonging to the Natura 2000 Network and numerous Special Protection Area for Birds (SPAs) scattered throughout the geography of Galicia, give an idea of what nature offers in Galicia.

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