Estuaries and beaches


43º 39' 52.6" N - 7º 35' 40.4" W


Between the Punta do Faro in the east and the Punta Fuciño do Porco in the west is the mouth of the Ría de Viveiro which, goes inland in a V shape, where it blends with the Landro river valley that runs amidst steep hillsides. The fact of being wedged between knolls makes it easier to climb several of them for their views. And so if we climb the Monte Faro or the Monte de San Roque, in this case to the foot of a beautiful hermitage, we can contemplate the full extent of the coastal scenery.
The estuary and its surroundings combine elements that are pleasing to any traveller. Not only can we admire the beautiful town of Viveiro, which focuses the administrative and commercial work of the region and holds many remains of its medieval past, but we can also visit the fishing port of Celeiro and the Area beach, where legend talks of the existence of a city asolagada (flooded) in punishment for refusing to receive St. Jamess preaching of the Gospels.

Of medieval origin, Viveiro was considered by Molina in the 16th century as "one of the gentile towns of this kingdom". A commercial and fishing town for centuries, in the 19th century it was an important mining centre. It has been a city since 1891. The old quarter is still one of the most beautiful in Galicia.
Three doors are still preserved of the ancient wall in Viveiro: the Maior or Porta do Castelo (16th century), declared a National Monument, the do Valado and the da Vila. Inside is the outstanding 12th century Romanic church of Santa María do Campo, and the gothic San Francisco from the 14th century.
Furthermore, in the proximity is San Pedro de Viveiro, the former city cathedral (National Monument); the convent of Miraflores, and O Naseiro, where a typical procession is held at the end of August. In the surroundings is the Chavín forest with its spectacular eucalyptus.
On the western shore of the estuary, Covas has become a residential and tourist area, and its buildings contrast strongly with those of the old quarter.

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