Manor Houses and Gardens

Beautiful and enigmatic, camellias were brought from the East by Portuguese sailors and Galicia was one of the first places in Europe to welcome them, so that they've been brightening the loveliest of gardens from the early 19th century. In fact, they're so at home here that camellias are now Galician...and reserved.



If you want to discover their secrets, you have to delve into their environment, the Camellia Route. An evocative journey from northern to southern Galicia through 13 manor houses and gardens – public and private – where the camellia reigns in all its glory. There are some 8,000 varieties in gardens linked to the historical heritage of Galicia, such as the Quiñones de León Manor House, with a camellia whose crown measures more than 15 metres in diameter, or specimens of the "camellia reticulata" of the Oca and Santa Cruz de Ribadulla Manor Houses, perhaps the oldest in Europe. 

Manor houses and landscapes of elegant decadence, authentic botanical gardens created with painstaking care and wisdom that – if you know what to look for – will reveal their beauty secrets to you.

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