The Coruña, Betanzos, Ares and Ferrol estuaries are in the north-west of Galicia. The whole of the sector is known as Golfo Ártabro, a name that comes from the inhabitants who lived in the area before the arrival of the Romans (the 'ártabro' people) and the port that dominated this series of estuaries, the Artabrorum Portus.

The estuaries of the Golfo Ártabro in a certain way sketch out a sea leaf that is incrusted in the land: the Ferrol estuary stretches slightly to the north-west, like that of Ares, whereas the Betanzos and A Coruña estuaries stretch southwards.

Together they constitute a socioeconomic unit based on the cities of  Coruña and Ferrol, and supported by towns of great tradition such as Sada, Betanzos, Pontedeume, Ares, Mugardos, Fene, Neda and Narón.

The wealth of the countryside that arises both from the presence of the sea and from the amount of rivers flowing into it after crossing deep gulleys like in a long history, turn them into privileged places for visitors.

The coast, generally low and rocky, is splashed with numerous pretty beaches. The many towns and villages that mark out their shores offer visitors the chance to enjoy a swim and visit the many historical centres and interesting monuments and to enjoy a varied range of typical dishes where the fish and shellfish have a primordial role along with sweet cakes.

The castles of San Antón and Santa Cruz, in the A Coruña stuary; San Felipe and A Palma, in the Ferrol; the Romanic churches of Cambre, Bergondo and Breamo; the manors of Meirás or Meirama; the monasteries of Caaveiro or Monfero, or the monumental centers of Betanzos and Pontedeume are good examples of the artistic wealth of the estuaries in this sector.


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