Pontevedra - The charming city

Today we will visit Pontevedra, one of the most beautiful historical centers – with permission from Santiago de Compostela – and the best preserved in Galicia. 
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It boasts an ancient heritage that incorporates the curious church of the Peregrine, a national monument with a scallop-shaped plant, and natural heritage with more than 20 kilometers of paths. The list of tourist attractions is endless and, nevertheless, it is not your biggest claim. Pontevedra is an unmissable visit because it offers a unique experience: you can live on foot and enjoy yourself with all your senses, because all the city center is restricted to the traffic.

Built with patience along the centuries, Pontevedra, with its delicious streets and squares, owns the most beautiful historical collections of Galicia. Walking along its ancient streets, full of hidden details to discover in every corner, will take you backwards in the centuries. The internationally awarded Old Town of Pontevedra is now and example of recovering the value of the past and mixing it with the present. Its shops, bars and terraces in small (even tiny) squares, with no cars around you, are the perfect place to enjoy and taste some of the most delicious Galician tapas. And, of course, we will do it!
  • This experience lasts 2,5 hours.

Services included

Knowledge: An Official English/Spanish Guide during your guided visit to the city. As locals, we will visit magical corners and squares while discovering the history of Pontevedra.

Silence: Internationally awarded due to its urbanistic plan, no traffic passes through the historical center, allowing you to feel a deep peace of mind.

 Taste: We will delight ourselves with 2 tapas in town with 2 drinks included.