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About Lighthouses and Capes

About Lighthouses and Capes

The light from the Faro de Fisterra – which can reach 65 km long – guides ships navigating these waters that are so dangerous...


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Costa da Morte


A Costa da Morte is a land of legends, and one of them tells us that the Virgin appeared to the Apostle in a stone boat, the remains of which now lie on this coast in witness of that miracle; these are the stones of Abalar and Os Cadrís.


A Costa da Morte is a constant struggle of the land with the water; the waves beat against the majestic lighthouse of Fisterra, where pilgrims come to burn their clothes after their long journey on foot. The water runs through the magical marsh and sand of Baldaio, settles beneath the Roman bridge of Lubiáns and, in O Ézaro, rushes off the crags in a froth of cold  tears. The water caresses the picturesque harbour of Caión, and stone makes up the granaries of Pidre, the Torres do Allo, the Castle of Vimianzo and allows itself to be rocked by the wind in Muxía, next to the shrine of the Virxe da Barca.

The dolmen de Dombate, the fortified pre-Iron Age Roman town in Borneiro, the granary of Carnota, the Cemiterio dos Ingleses in Camariñas, the states of Corcubión, the church of the former monastery of Moraime (Muxía) and the Churches of Santa María das Areas and de Xunqueira – which, in other times, was the end of the known earth – are sculpted against the landscape of this coast whose name has sadness, but whose soul has joy.

The people of A Costa da Morte have the tradition of the sea and a job well done imprinted on their souls. One can live the incomparable life of this land in its museums and collections. The Museo do Encaixe in Camariñas and the Museo da Olaría de Buño in Malpica de Bergantiños, along with the Museo do Traxe in Vimianzo, bring to us glimpses of a culture that endures through time at the end of the land of Galicia.


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